Monday, April 11, 2011

Lot's Of Stuff And More

April 13, 2011 Wednesday Lot's Of Stuff And More I've been busy but I've been a lazy blogger. I'm going to try to catch up. Freya has desperately needed new cozy pants. The cozies she had were three inches too short. I've spent the last two days sewing her five new pair of cozy pants and she couldn't be more happy. Cozy pants are about the only thing Freya will wear that I make without me threatening her. That's not great since I bought three new dress patterns. Vintage, thrifted sheets. More vintage sheets because what's more cozy than worn linens? Aunt Gracie's Little Bo Peep fabric. Sweet fabric sent to me last week from my Wendy friend! Last Tuesday was Bring Your Parent To School Day. I was one of a handful of parents who went. Fortunately Oliver's OK with me being weird because I took my knitting with me.

Also last week Oliver and Freya treated us to a concert.

The set list for The Grasshoppers.

It's was an awesome show and well worth the five kisses for admission.

Also I spent all my April allowance within a week.

Next week is Spring Break and we have a fun mini holiday planned!

Any Spring Break plans?


  1. Adorable setlist! I am ready to make some cozy pants. You are so cool.

  2. Love the pants! What a lucky girl! I just got that O+S pattern too... can't wait to make something... I am thinking some nightgowns with the dress pattern... maybe!
    Those fabrics look so nice!

  3. Hej Camille

    LOVE the cosy pants...the fabric is soo nice!
    Lucky girl you are Freya ;-)
    How sweet a concert and 5 kisses admission charge I LOVE it!

  4. What a lucky little girl, having such a clever Mummy - all those `breeks` are fab. Is that a circular needle I spy with your knitting? How adventurous!Adorable admission charge too!

  5. I want to work on my sewing so I can make cute clothes for my girls...I am hoping to do so soon...very inspirational!!!

  6. cute pajama pants! i tried to make pajama pants in young womens and i always mess up....

    also, could you do a tutorial on how you make the pennant banners? i'm thinking about making one for a baby shower and my sons birthday and i was wondering how you do it. they are so cute!

  7. What's not to love ;o) The pants, the concert and a sewing shopping spree! Thank god may is around the corner!