Thursday, May 5, 2011

Royal Wedding and Such

May 5, 2011

Royal Wedding and Such

As many of you probably witness the Royal Wedding was unbelievable.
Both Katie and I cried.
I love all the pageantry and the Queen looked amazing.
I especially like when William saluted the guard and Kate bowed her head in respect.

The kids looked adorable in their dress up and that is the extent of their interest in the wedding.

The crowns I made looked really good in my head and turn out like something from a Tim Burton film.

Sometimes the best laid plans turn out beyond funky.

The kids had fun decorating them.

My grandma Billie bought play make-up for Teah and that's all they were interested in for the afternoon.

This week I've been working on making templates for some softies I want to sew.

First up is Blossom Bunny.

The pattern can be found in the book Softies Only A Mother Could Love.

I'm planning on using the fabrics above.

From top to bottom




Weird upholstery fabric

Wool felt

I made a few templates from the book.

Have I mentioned I love templates?
Lot's of softies are on my to do list, it's never to early to start my x-mas sewing.


  1. oooh! i love it! and the crowns turned out awesome! :) what a fun day!

  2. love the festivities! we got the kids up early to watch too--such a great way to start the day! the crowns are really detailed and neat!

  3. I think the crowns look great! I like how they are kind of puffy. I thought Pippa's dress was the best.

  4. The crowns turned out very cute ! I cried watching the wedding too ! It was perfect :)

  5. oh wow, you are organized and always busy. lovely crowns and beautiful little smiles there. i'm sure they'll always have happy memories of the day!