Thursday, May 6, 2010

Under The Dead Peach Tree

May 6, 2010

Under The Dead Peach Tree

I got an early Mother's Day gift.

I won't be able to plant the geraniums and lobelia until Monday because it is still freezing at night.

The dead peach tree.

The peach tree in our backyard is as old as our house. (63 years)
Peach trees usually live for eight to fifteen years.

Our tree has been slowly dying for the last three.

It had a nice long life.

Under the peach tree I had two Rosemary bushes that I planted five years ago.
They both died this winter.


I decided to give the railroad tie planter box a major make over.

I'm going to share my best secret for cleaning up small debris.

Instead of spending lots of time picking up little leaves.......

Vacuum them up.

Yeah, yeah ...... have a big chuckle.

It's a bit obsessive but it saves so much clean up time and leaves more time for planting.

Before planting I gather all my tools and supplies.

For years I have been pulling weeds and overgrown Vinca out of the cracks in the railroad ties.
This year I planted Irish Moss in them.
To do this in any crack or cranny in your yard, first fill the crack with soil.

Find a helper with small hands.

Soak the plants roots in a pail of water and fertilizer.
This will stimulate the roots and promote growth.
(I use Fertilome. completely a photo of it a few photos back.)

It looks completely different under the peach tree.

It will take a year or two for the ground covers I planted to fill in.
In a few days I'll line the railroad ties with potted geraniums.

What I planted:

Golden Japanese Sedum

Blue Star Creeper


Scottish Moss

Irish Moss

I like ground cover because it is hard to kill and drought resistant.

Oh yeah, it's pretty too.

New table topper.
The stool is super huge as is the concrete planter.

I just re found this antique stool in my garage and re fell in love so it came inside.

What I first thought was years of gunk and goo around the leg is actually rope.

The innovative maker of this stool filled the gaps between leg and top with rope.
Super smart.

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  1. Oh my goodness, your mini garden is going to be gorgeous when it fills in! I love it! I'm also loving all of the plates that you have mounted to your wall. Pretty-pretty!