Monday, May 10, 2010

The Ladybug Experiment

May 10, 2010

The Ladybug Experiment

We are doing an experiment, The Lady Bug Experiment.
But first...

Fabric for pillows.

Invites to Freya's unbirthday.

I love the envelope back with the keys.

The Ladybug Experiment

My ivy has aphids. I like spiders but aphids freak me out.
In the past when I have had an aphid invasion, I killed them with bug spray.
We have a few birds nest in our ivy this year and we don't want to kill the birds, just the aphids so we bought ladybugs (thanks FB friends).
My friends in the area, I bought them at Wasatch Shadows Nursery at 9295 so and the east I15 frontage rd.

A pint container of ladybugs costs $8.99 at Wasatch.
To use them (from a knowledgeable Wasatch employee.)

Wet the area where you want the ladybugs to make a home.

I want the ladybugs to have a lovely feast on all the aphids in my ivy.
(Can you see the aphids?)

Pour 1/3 of the ladybugs onto the area at night (dusk so you can see).
In a few days wet area , pour 1/3 more.
In a few days more release the remaining ladybugs.
There is food in the ladybug container to feed them until you let them go. (I asked.)

If the ladybug finds food it will nest and lay eggs in three days.
Each ladybug eats up to 50 garden pests a day.
The ladybugs favorite food is aphids.
This is our first (and hopefully the first of many) family experiment.
I will post our findings daily(ish).

One more day to comment on having Paul come to live with you.
Freya will choose a winner at noon tomorrow.

Cheers to a new week.

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  1. Are the lady bugs working? I have aphids too in my boxwoods. On the up-side a beautiful Oriole came to feast on them & I've NEVER seen one of those in my yard, ever! Maybe aphids are okay (kinda).