Monday, May 31, 2010

Eureka In The Post

May 31, 2010

My last several days have been spent in a whirlwind of sewing inspiration.
It started Friday with unexpected joy in the post.

I received an exciting and unexpected 'thank you' gift from a friend.

Vintage fabric, a vintage hand towel and a hand embroidered, linen table drape.
Further inspiration was gathered from the fact that the art work from my newly purchased music was simpatico. (The music is awesome too. I highly recommend all the above albums.)

I have been saving vintage fabric and clothing waiting for inspiration.
The linen slip under Freya's , 'Wendy Skirt' (Wendy sent the lovely gift.) is made with these very old cloth diapers.

A skirt for me.
I made a fancy skirt using a vintage Christmas tree skirt made out of tulle and sequined felt poinsettias.

The top of the skirt is made from fabric I found at a thrift store in Logan, UT (2004).
I have been saving it for a long time.

Another vintage inspired skirt for Freya.
Made with an embroidery piece, a vintage apron made of rayon fabric with raise white dots and a linen slip.

I worked the apron pocket into the skirt design.
For the love of gingham.

I think I will make five or six more of these skirts.
Vintage fabric and embroidered linens are calling to me to be made into something.
Yes, the fabric is talking to me.

Oh yeah, I sewed a few pair of summer cozies for me out of vintage sheets I have been hording.
(The fabric speaks.)

What inspires you?

These are photo's Freya took.
I promised her that if she would leave me alone to write my blog for a half an hour I would post her photo's
Cheers to a new week friends!


  1. Freya is soooo lucky to be able to wear clothes like that!

  2. Yay Freya! Excellent photos. I love seeing things through your eyes. :)

  3. LOL Freya is quite the negotiator! What sewing juju do you use and where can I get some?! The skirts are wonderful!