Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Birds In Our Garage

May 5, 2010

Baby Birds In Our Garage

Chris took a few photos of the baby birds nesting under the eaves inside our garage.

Freya thinks the little bird's mouths look like tulips.

We spent the evening outside talking about all things bird related.

Oliver remembered another nest we found last year geocaching in Grantsville, Utah.
(May 3, 2009)

This was the first time any of us had seen a robin's nest with eggs in it.
The nest was made so perfectly and the eggs were the most brilliant blue..
Birds are ok by me!


  1. Those baby birds are super cute.

  2. these photos are amazing! you are so lucky to have found these two nests. i've never even found one. i love the blue of the eggs and those open baby bird mouths. freya is right--they do look a bit like tulips.

  3. Those are amazing photos of those birds with their mouths open! And they do look like tulips!