Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things This Week

May 19, 2010

Things This Week

It has been a tough week.
There is a huge news story in Utah about a murdered 4 year old boy.
I won't go into detail but his mother and stepfather are suspected of torture and murder.
If you want more information google 'Ethan Stacy' .
If you don't want to feel sick and crappy, don't google.

The last several days I have unconsciously put everything aside and have held , kissed and played with Oliver and Freya.
More books, more play pretend and Freya telling me "You love me too much mom."
In an odd way I feel like I am holding Ethan. I am comforting him and I want him to know he is safe and protected.
RIP Ethan you are loved.

Today was Oliver and Freya's end of year school carnival.

Oliver with his friends from grade 1-6.
Next year they will go to different Jr. high schools.

Snow coned Freya.

Freya asked if I would please post her baby photos on my blog.

And a new pillow.
One more to go.


  1. I can't bring myself to Google it, but I remember, when I was barely pregnant with Finnian, there was a story about a little girl who was found dead. Her father had gotten angry with her in the night during winter and taken her and left her in the park, where she wandered around (they found footprints) before dying of cold. I was reading Baby Catcher at the time and remember thinking that her spirit was being reborn into my baby, or at least my baby was catching the spirit of another baby who needed my love and care desperately. I try to remember to give it everyday, but I truly appreciate your reminding me again.
    So sad.

  2. By the way, the view from their carnival is incredible and what a good mamma you are to do as Freya asked and share her baby photos. Her baby looks like it has a wonderful loving mamma!

  3. Too funny. Annabelle is always bringing me drawings and such for my blog. They are going to need their own soon! ;)