Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tied and Binding / A Pleasant Surprise *

December 9, 2009

Tied and Binding/ A Pleasant Surprise
*('That's what she said')! (I had to)!

I woke to frosted windowpanes this morning.

It was another beautiful, sunny, very cold winter day in Utah.
A perfect day to nestle inside and button-tie a quilt.

Lots of needles threaded and ready to sew buttons.
Ninety-eight buttons!

I had a great time sorting and sewing buttons.
I love to embellish with buttons but I am a very impatient button sewer.
I only use two hole buttons. Unless it is a really, really cool four hole button, of course.

I am a very patient quilt binder.
I love to hand sew the back binding.
I love the 'finishing' details of a project.
It is like savoring the last bit of a good book by reading it slowly.
A Pleasant Surprise
Monday Oliver, Freya and I stopped into Hancock's for fabric.
While I was ogling fabric, Oliver spotted this guitar cross-stitch.
(Oliver wants to learn to play the guitar this year!)!
Oliver has been watching me sew and living in and with what I make for 11 years.
Monday he asked me if I would teach him how to 'sew this guitar'.
I almost cried.

He likes cross stitching so far.
It is the counting and the graph he likes as well as the rhythm of the sewing.
He is determined to finish it 'in a month'.
Oliver is going to be a fine guitarist.

I hope your heart is warm today too.

My sweet husband road traveled with friends this weekend to Phoenix Arizona to see a NFL game.
He was to be home Monday night but they got caught in a terrible snow storm and smartly decided to stayed in Kanab Utah.
(Kanab is very beautiful).
Chris and friends arrived safely home yesterday afternoon, thank goodness, because one more day and Oliver, Freya and I would have starved.
Chris, I don't tell you enough that I am very grateful for you and I love you.
Also, thanks for going grocery shopping today.


  1. I forgot to mention:
    The only item I purchased to make the quilt was the batting. Everything else I pulled from my stashes!

  2. I really like that first photo.

  3. So sweet about your son. Isn't wonderful when children start to share the same interests as their parents. I definately would have cried :)

  4. I haven't been on your blog in a while! You have a very cool style of writing...I feel nostalgic while reading!

    I love hand-sewing the binding on quilts, too!