Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Freya Sings

December 16, 2009

Freya Sings

Hi sweet friends!

Please excuse my absence.

For several days I had a debilitating migraine.

Chris was lovely and took Monday off from work to take care of me.

He is a great and caring husband and I feel one million times better.

I have spent the last few days frantically sewing, decking the halls and trying to catch up on my daily chores that fell by the wayside while I was down.

Oliver's quilt is finished and I have started a new one for my almost one year old nephew, Kai.

Finally, mine and Oliver's two favorite characters, Snoopy and Kermit, together for as long as this quilt may last. Which is hopefully for eternity.

I was late getting up my holiday decorations this year, but it is now beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

One of my favorite treasures I have found over the years is this handmade, one of a kind Nativity Scene.

For how old it is I was surprised it still had baby Jesus in his straw bed.

The three angels are a music box that once played O Tannenbaum (Why O Tannenbaum ?)

It stopped working shortly after it came to me.

Whoever made this Nativity Scene paid fine attention to details.

I especially like the bark roof and the loft.

It doesn't look like such a bad place to spend the night.

The mantle.

The Mother Mary needlework is another treasure I love.

I keep Mary up all year.

She is so beautiful and the children at her feet gaze at her adoringly.

Fresh boughs of evergreen that over crowd the mantle but smell so wonderful I don't mind how busy and overwhelming looks.

(Chris minds a bit but only because he thinks it is going to all come crashing down in night.)

Freya has been practicing for her big Kindergarten Christmas program every night.

She carries the Wii microphone with her everywhere she goes.

It even has its own special purse.

It is very important in her life.

Our little family has had all the anticipation of Christmas Eve or the night before leaving for a vacation waiting for the big program.

This morning was the Kindergarten Christmas Singing Extravaganza!

It was brilliant and spectacular!

All the children were shiny and beautiful.

Chris picked up my Grandma Billie and my mama took time off from work to see Freya's show.

Even Oliver, who doesn't like to miss any school time, got excused from math class.

Wednesday often seems upside down to me.

Rudolf with her big, bright nose blocking her vision couldn't have been much help to Santa.

A whisper.

I am so proud of Freya.

She practiced really hard as did all of her classmates.

They learned a dozen songs for the spectacular X-mas show.

It was a wonderful way to spend my first day out of the house in almost a week.

Happy Wednesday!

I will have photo's of Kai's quilt and some new thrift finds tomorrow.


  1. That is crazy, I think that we have the identical Nativity scene.

    I am so sorry that you had such a horrible headache. The quilt is beautiful!

  2. Did you make the cute tops Freya is wearing? They are adorable! I want to make some for my daughter! Crafternoon anytime soon?