Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christmas

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Yesterday was a 'best day ever' day.

I finished some last minute scarfs. (2 hour project)

Oliver invited us to a Cookie and Cocoa poetry reading hosted by Mrs. Clark's sixth grade class.
Oliver and his classmates have been writing and illustrating books of poems for a month and yesterday they shared their poems with us.
Chris, Freya and I had a great time at the school.

Teachers are doing a great job.

They worked very hard on their books and their poems were beautiful and sincere.

They have dreams and hope for the future.

They want to make a difference in our world.

They are concerned about the environment and the war.

They are vulnerable and want to be liked.

Sometimes they are afraid to be themselves.

They want peace and no more poverty for mankind.

That evening when Oliver and I were talking about his awesome poetry reading he said to me
"We have to pay your expenses off."

Let's leave them a better world than we have right now.

Our children are smart. We parents are doing a good job.

Our kids have hope and excitement for the future

This is Oliver's wonderful teacher Mrs. Clark.

(Oliver's words. He watching over my shoulder while I write this.)

(I peaked in to Freya's classroom where she was hard at work.)

This Christmas I am grateful for Oliver and Freya and my sweet husband Chris.
Cheers also to new and old friends.

You all inspire me everyday.

Merry Christmas and Peace to all.
Love, Camille


  1. Cute scarves!!! Merry Christmas~

  2. this is a very sweet post camille. i don't know how i ended up here (clicked on something that led to something know how it goes) but i'm glad i did. i will end my evening online here on this positive note.

    sweet dreams!