Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Picture

October 26, 2009

Sunday Picture

Before I changed my career to become a stay home mom , I was an antique dealer (Actually a vintage dealer and sometimes junk). During those years I came across amazing things. I met a rich assortment of weird, wonderful people and I heard stories, a whole lot of stories. Every piece of furniture, sewing collection, platter, linen has a story that goes with it. (I love old , used ,beautiful ,worn things for very little money.

This picture is one of those old things

This painting has no story. No name. No date.

It happily hangs in the corner of Oliver's room.

I'm looking forward to Monday. I love the start of a brand new week.

1 comment:

    are two cool swaps going on right now.

    I love that painting. So dreamlike.