Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sewing Spaces or Where The Magic Happens

October 27, 2009

Sewing Spaces or Where The Magic Happens.

Hi friends,
I mentioned I was organizing my sewing spaces in early September.
It has been finished for a month now and I love it. It is my sewing cave at night.
It took me a long time to get it organized. Also I needed to be space conscientious. The area measures 9ft x 11ft. It is quite small.
I reinvented my sewing space for under $100.

Anyway here is the Mess of Great Proportion before.

The beautiful, calm, organized, awesome, space ever after. Until it gets really messy again

Metal shelf is from Target $40.
Green metal cabinet; thrift ed years ago.
Pink wall table; Great Grandma Johnsen.

I store a bunch of things in plastic containers so I can see fabric colors, quilts and blankets, ect.
I really, really love to use vintage suitcases for storage and suitcases are less expensive than plastic. Silly! I paid between $3-5 for each suitcase for a total of $18.
There is an abundance of vintage suitcase in Utah, so I limit myself to collecting brown, white, and blue. The inside must be in good condition.

Chicken wire stapled into the wall holds my notions and fun things I like.
The table was thrifted years ago.
Awesomely the wood paneling was this pink color when we bought our home.

Target shelf $40.

The wood shelf is a built in. Another house surprise!

A second built in. The two green chairs were salvaged off the curbside. The only thing I did to the chairs was clean them and put a kitty sticker on them to spruce 'em up a bit.

I sew on my kitchen table. I love the natural light in my kitchen. I have a east facing window and a south one. I don't machine sew in the evening. In the evening I do handwork and misc. projects in my sewing cave. Oliver and Freya are welcome to play with me in my sew cave. I like it best when it is just me, the silence and some really good tunes.

My kitchen doubles as my computer room.
Thanks for letting me share my sewing spaces with you.


  1. Camille, it looks AWESOME!!!! You did a fantastic job~ I am envious of your fabric stash and storage shelves. Great ideas, thanks for sharing.

  2. Wowzers!! Way to take on an amazing and inspiring project! I'm completely in awe.

  3. Camille, that is one amazing transformation! That had to be a ton of work, and I am sure that it feels great to have that space cleared

  4. Wow! That looks fantastic! You did an amazing job. I love that the wall was already pink. I think it was just waiting there for you to move in! What great shelves you have there. I loved seeing the transformation. Thanks for posting it. Enjoy your sewing space!

  5. Wow! I guess you are ready to do some sewing now!