Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cafe Curtains

9 October , 2009

(What I did yesterday)

I love music. Rarely is my home not filled with it. My brother Nic, told me my blog is incomplete without including what I listen to while I sew and do my chores. When I post on my Facebook it usually is only what I'm listening to at the time. So for my brother I'm going to include my daily music list.

Sweeney Todd Soundtrack. I love it because I can sing along. Johnny Depp has an amazing voice. I'm a new Oasis fan and I'm loving Definitely, Maybe.

Yesterday I spent the gorgeous autumn day sewing and Halloween decorating.

We have lived in our home for 10 years and I've never wanted window treatments on my kitchen windows. Suddenly I wanted cafe curtains and what to use came in a eureka moment. I have been saving these antique monogrammed, hand crocheted linens for several year waiting for the perfect project.

Yesterday I sewed the linens into cafe curtains.
I've never sewn curtains before and I didn't over think it too much. (I over think a lot). So they were quite easy.

I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. In fact I adore them.
(Chris likes them as well. Oliver and Freya too).

More photos from our holiday to Astoria.
We came across these funny, funny signs.

This was a header over an aisle in Safeway. I might on day need to send someone with incontinence a greeting card so it is good to know they are out there.

Across the Astoria bridge into Washington there is a small town and lighthouse named Cape Disappointment. The story goes that when Lewis and Clark reached the end of their expedition they were disappointed with what they saw. So they named it accordingly.

Dismal Nitch was very beautiful.
I hope everyone has a super great weekend.


  1. Camille, you are so funny! Te curtains look wonderful, and like they belong there~

  2. I want to see your halloween decor. I love Oregon. Have you ever been to Seaside, and Tillamook? We are going back next summer.

  3. Hi, thank you for looking at my blog. I saw yours and I can imagine you're very funny as Laura said, that's great. We must always have some sense of humor and enyoy that details of life. Sorry you can't understand my "writing" (spanish). I love to laugh so I know where to go.
    You have a beautiful family.See you other day, Francheska