Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Party Eve

October 16, 2009

Halloween Party Eve

Tonight we collected our favorite autumn books together.

Reading Beatrix Potter with two bathed and pajammaed children makes me feel cozy.

Tomorrow Freya and I are hosting a Halloween party for her classmates, cousins, plus a few neighborhood friends.

We will be carving pumpkins and serving cupcakes. The excitement around the house tonight is palpable as everyone chips in to get the work finished.

We all burst in to some Mary Poppins tunes earlier this evening to help the work move along.

Oliver and Freya + friend helped prepare for the party.

I couldn't have got it all done without them. Thanks!

They found time to invent a toss game!

My sweet Chris made the cupcakes. We will frost them in the morning and have them for breakfast. Here is the recipe Chris used:

The frosting is store bought.

Check back on Sunday to see the party photos and gather your sweater stuff so we can make a sweater bag on Monday!

"Cheers" to a great weekend.

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