Monday, November 29, 2010

Lots of Pretty Things

November 29, 2010

Lots of Pretty Things

(Pretty Things Part 1)

Today I received a postcard from Sweden.
This is the first anything I've received in the mail from anywhere outside the USA.
It was very exciting and day brightening!

The post card came from my dear friend Julie.
Julie writes a great and interesting blog about her life in London and Sweden at
She has exceptionally great taste.

There is a good resemblance between my favorite post card and my favorite book about London.
This is a perfect book by M. Sasek.
Mr. Sasek is awesome and wrote several wonderful picture books.
(Pretty Things Part 2)
I made my first apron.
I'm very happy with how it turned out and it was silly simple.

Meet Elsie and Hank.
(I love the sun shining through Elsie's ears!)

More sunshine ears.

Elsie's bottom.

Hank's bottom.

Hank needed back surgery because I under stuffed him.
Everything went well and he is healing faster than we estimated.

(Pretty Things Part 3)
I've had important gift ideas floating around in my head for weeks and magically the ideas came together on my trip to the thrift store last week.

A tea set being assembled.
Maybe sew some napkins and a lawn cloth?

Tea sets need a small bowl for small fruit.

Out of the shelves of canisters and cookie tins this blind mouse tin popped out on top of the piles.
I have a friend who will be delighted with my 50 cent find!

It looked uncommon and beat up enough for me to pick up.


Better yet this vintage robe pattern was front and foremost in rows and rows of shelved patterns.
(A girl I love mentioned something about a robe for X-mas).

I'm feeling very happy and relaxed for the holiday season.
Most of my gift sewing is finished and the bought items have been purchased locally.
It's going to be a festive, loving season!


  1. Hej Camille

    You are soo sweet!
    Soo glad you got the card, I had forgotten all about sending it you lol!
    But hadn't forgot you...obviously
    Love your cups and Elsie & Hank...great names too!
    Happy relaxed days for're so organised ;-)

  2. Mail from Sweden does sound incredibly exciting.
    Your rabbits are adorable Camille!
    I can't believe how much snow you got the other day. We got maybe 6 inches, and very very cold lately, like below zero!
    Good cozy sewing and crafting weather :)

  3. I knew as soon as I saw the card on your blog it was from Julie! She`s such a treasure - I`ve asked her if I can go live at her house because it`s just so pretty but she hasn`t replied yet!lol
    I love the tweeds and tartans which you used for Elsie and Hank`s clothes - very stylish!I hope Hank feels better after his surgery!
    Lovely blog, Camille. x

  4. lots of pretty things for sure. i love that you've done almost all your gift making and have bought locally.

    p.s. hi elsie and hank!