Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Good Day

November 2, 2010

A Good Day

I love beginning a new month.
And it was a very nice day.

I'm going to jump back to October for a bit.
During the month of October my friend Julie hosted Tuesday Through the Window on her visually beautiful and well written blog. http://myblogswedishouse.blogspot.com/
It was interesting and great to see a store front window in London piled with fresh bread and trees blooming in Argentina.
She invited me to participate and though I took the photographs I didn't post them .
I do feel bad that I neglected it and I hope Julie will host Tuesday Through the Window again.

These window photos were taken from the car on our day trip to Filmore Utah in August.

A friend of Chris' from high school raises dairy cows at her farm in Filmore and was very kind and excited to show us around.

The next photos were taken on October 13 from my east kitchen window.
I live on a main street and my street has a light rail station two blocks from my house.
(Which is super awesome and crappy).
I enjoy watching the foot traffic pass by my house. (Most of the time).

Meeting up with friends in black on the corner.

I am grateful everyday for the Wasatch Mountains.
These photos were taken on October 25, 2010 (also ) from my east kitchen window.
The view from my kitchen window changes everyday.

This is the last dress I will be making for Freya for this school year.

The fabric, pattern and buttons are vintage.
I found the fabric this summer at a 'best yard sale ever' yard sale which I wrote about here.

I bought the vintage pattern at my thrift store along with the pattern for yesterdays dress.

The thrift stores in Utah have a lot of patterns.
Most of the time they are complete.
If I get one home that's not all there I use it for funky smooth gift wrap.

I'm pretty sure this is a run on blog by now but I have one more item to share.
I made this simple skirt as a birthday gift for Freya's classmate.
I call it the Lizzie pattern from my own brain.

It makes me super happy when one of Freya's classmates asks me if I will make them a skirt for their birthday.

Freya tests the 'twirl dynamics'.

Cheers all my friends to a good November!


  1. those clothes are adorable! I love the twirly skirt--what girl wouldn't.

  2. Your view of the mountains is beautiful! I am coveting your halloween banner & was wondering if you make one for Christmas? If you do, I'd love to purchase one!

  3. that is the most incredible view from your kitchen! do you get used to it? i think i'd be prone to just drift off into space til someone tugged at me for my attention ;) and that dress for school is just perfect, gotta love old patterns!