Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grandma Billie Day Plus Randomness

November 10, 2010

Grandma Billie Day Plus Randomness

Early yesterday morning Chris and I went to Freya's school to see her and her classmates receive an award for their art work.
It was early and fun.

Since the day was young I decided to take a movie and some hand sewing to Grandma Billies. (Grandma Billie taught me everything I know about sewing).
With 20 minutes of Bridget Jones's Diary left she decided we needed to go Christmas shopping for her great-grand children (She has eleven).
It was fun Christmas shopping with her.
Afterward Chris met us from work at Chilis and grandma treated us to lunch.
Grandma and I love Chilis chips and salsa.
It is sooo salty!

My grandma would not want me sharing this photo of her with her eyes have shut.

Later in the evening Freya and I worked on a family school project.
Chris and Oliver provided their input.
Freya and I had an awesome time fluffing up the turkey.

It's great eh?

Tonight I worked on a baby gift.
I have been forever saving this fabric for just the right project.
It is fun to finally work with it.
( It get tired of using fun, awesome, lovely, great as adjectives. But, 'It is terrific to finally work with this fabric' or 'It's fantastic and sublime to finally work with this fabric' sounds so over the top).

I like this fabric.

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  1. Hello Camille
    Looks like you had a great day.
    Your Grandama Billie is fantastic!
    The fabric you have is devine, and very unique.
    What are you going to make with it?
    It looks like great fabric to cover a keepsake box or book with it would really show it all the lovely stamp vignettes.
    I am really sorry I haven't been in touch...
    LIFE is very overwhelming at the moment.
    My blog is keeeping me sane!
    Jon is in London and I fly back home to London on Sunday.
    I got you email...and your letter is a work in progress :P. I added you window view photo's did you see? I hope you didn't mind.