Monday, November 8, 2010

Baskets, Lots Of Baskets

November 8, 2010

Baskets, Lots Of Baskets

Tonight Freya and I re-laced her high tops so they can slip easily onto her feet.
Before this Freya had no desire to wear them. They were just too difficult to put on.
It only took six months to find a solution to this problem.
None the less I say well done!

Last Saturday Freya went to a classmates birthday party.
It was held at a local party, rides, roller skate rink, pizzeria, games place.
Hollywood Connections to be exact.
While Freya played with her girl friends I played Skee Ball.
I really rock Skee Ball.
With my 450 tickets I 'bought' 110 duck erasers. (10 dollars in tokens).
Pretty awesome!

Today and last week I have spent my sewing time making baskets.
Lots of baskets.
Fortunately (or maybe not) most of my family members don't own a computer or don't read my blog.
I can safely share my Christmas gift progress.

I'm on task for my gift giving and that makes me very happy!


  1. Wishing I was on your Christmas list! I love those baskets but I'm too chicken to try making them. 3D and me, we are NOT friends!

  2. These baskets are wonderful :)

  3. the baskets look so good! way to be on schedule with making your gifts. i'm worried about finishing mine.

  4. Love them...and that pretty curtain too!

  5. Hi Camille - can you direct me to a pattern for baskets like yours - I'm thinking I may try and conquer something similar for my family (who also doesn't read my blog!

  6. Hi Tracy. The pattern for the baskets can be found in the awesome, double awesome book Zakka Sewing. I wrote about it on July 28, 2010 and again on August 31, 2010.
    If you decide to purchase the book and make them please e-mail me and I will give you some great time saving tips on making these! And they are fun to sew.(

  7. those baskets are so nice. great combinations of fabric, and so roomy and cool. what a functional and beautiful gift. some of my family reads my blog so it's hard to share projects lately!