Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garden and Gloves

July 8, 2011

Garden and Gloves

For last few days I've been cleaning up my yard.
I'd put it off with such cold temperatures and rainy weather.
Having a birthday party for Freya on Sunday helped me get motivated.

I like buckets - a lot.
I prefer old beaten up buckets to those bright orange Home Depot buckets.

A newly cleaned knitting spot.

Bucket and tool storage corner.

I call it Eeyore Corner because it is so gray.

Old fish trap.

Both of these standing iron pot holders were thrift finds.

In knitting news, I knitted something other than leg warmers.


Long gloves.

Short gloves

(I have zombie arms).

Happy weekend!


  1. hEJ Camille

    Your garden/yard loks great! I havea thing for buckets too lol!
    What a cozy corner to sit under and knit...wish I could join you ;-)
    LOVE your long gloves & short gloves ;-D
    Zombie arms??? Lol! YOUR crazy but I love Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday to Freya YAY!

  2. That should say YOUR crazy but I LOVE YOU!

  3. Love the knitting spot and eeoyre corner, well it all looks fabulous! I wish I had a yard like that! Texas is so brown right now! Good luck at the party, Gappy Birthday, Freya! We have one for Colt tomorrow.

  4. Camille, I just love you! Come down to my house- I have an old medicine cabinet that's been sitting in my shed forever and I don't know where or how to display it in my garden! Love the old buckets too!

  5. It looks so great spiffed up. Eeyore corner is a sight for sore eyes. So restful. Great job on your knitting.

  6. I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE your garden! You've given me some great ideas.

    As for knitting, have you been on Ravelry? It's one of my most favorite spots on the web.