Saturday, July 9, 2011

Freya Is 7

July 10, 2011

Freya Is 7

We woke yesterday without any plans for Freya's big day.
On a whim we decided to picnic at Copperton park, our favorite park.
It was a perfect day for a picnic not too hot, blue blue skies and just a touch of a breeze.

This park used to seem so big .

By today's safety standers this park would be a city planners nightmare.

Maybe that's why the kids love it so.

It has an element of danger.

Kennecott Copper Mine in the back ground.

Oliver leaping the tires.

I was always afraid to do this.

Modern playground equipment and Freya on the monkey bars, her favorite.

A family playing water balloon volleyball

Can anyone identify what game is played on this court?

My middle school used to be where this field is.

The school was built in 1908.
The bus ride was 45 minutes to and from school everyday.
I have fold memories of Bingham Middle School.

The only photo's I could find are here, don't read the text though, it's a huge waste of time.

The stairs up to the football field.

All that is left of the concrete bleachers.

The wild flowers in the field.

After our picnic Oliver and I went to buy a few presents for Freya's birthday.

I hadn't planned on doing this because she already got a new bike but Oliver wanted to buy her a gift and Chris wanted her to be able to open something on her actual special day.
And I way, way over did it.

The rest of the photo's are of Freya and her gifts.

She asked my to post every one so she can 'remember them forever'

If you are disgusted by excess stop reading now, please.


  1. Oh man! I LOVED that school. I drove up there a few years ago and was so stricken with sadness at the void where the school should be. I have such great memories of that school. I wish they never tore it down.

    BTW your daughter is SO cute!

  2. . . . and I totally agree with you about that playground. It is the best, and I remember that pyramid seeming HUGE!

  3. that was my favorite park as a kid! i still have fond memories of going to that park after a field trip to the copper mine in 5th grade.

  4. Happy Birthday Freya 7 (but thankfully that`s not your middle name, unlike new Baby Beckham - Harper Seven - for god`s sake who names their baby after a number?). Anyhoo,such a lucky birthday girl - my favourite pressie was the baby doll and all her accessories. x

  5. Happy Freya. You are one lucky little girl.
    I love what you did for her birthday and the sky is amazing!!