Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Freya's Dollhouse

July 28, 2011

Freya's Dollhouse

I'm having a very busy summer doing nothing.
My poor blog is neglected and it nags at me a lot.

Yesterday I sewed up some super easy drapes for the basement windows.
Until yesterday there had been a piece of cloth tacked across the three basement windows. (For thirteen years).
I need to do a tutorial to make these drapes. They are silly easy.

I'm enjoying knitting.
Knitting is a good summer craft.
I nearly have one leg warmer finished for my sister.

And I've started my first sweater project.

I have to keep detailed notes and instruction translations.
I think I need to make a couple copies of these notes because I've lost them thrice already.

This is the dollhouse my dad made for Freya.

Shingled roof!

Popsicles stick floors. Sanded and stained.

All the little furniture came from Target. $12.99 - $25.99

When my dad started on the dollhouses in the fall he couldn't find dollhouse furniture anywhere sans Pottery Barn. Of course thrift minded people with three dollhouses to furnish don't shop at Pottery Barn.
This spring Target came out with a cute dollhouse collection and it's wood not plastic.

I've had a bit of luck at the thrift store lately.

This vase is chipped in three places. Can you spot where I colored the nicks in?

At the thrift store last week there was a guy sniffing the seat of the recliners and sofas. It took every ounce of self control not to ask him if they smelled like ass.

I normal only collect dishware in my color palette, red, pink, white, cream, but I don't think you can have too many Pyrex bowls.

I hope your summer is happy and lazy like mine.

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  1. That dollhouse looks amazing and your projects are coming along great! Miss seeing you on here. I am hosting a giveaway this week for some vintage sewing goodies. Stop on by!