Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rabbits and Ian Curtis

May 7, 2011

Rabbits and Ian Curtis

I finished off an amazingly productive day with Ian Curtis.
If I were to ever get a tattoo (which I would never) it would be this photo of Ian Curtis.

Oliver cleaned out his backpack for the first time this year and casually flops these two certificates on the table as I was sewing last night.
4.0's ? No biggy.

As I was sewing yesterday I made a consciences effort to note the tricks I use to make sewing fast and enjoyable.

When I work with linen I use two pieces to match the weights of the other fabrics and so the stuffing won't stuff out.
I sew seam lines (straight stitch and zigzag) before cutting out the pattern piece to prevent it
from fraying when I handle it, because that's a mess and headache.
I also did this to the weird upholstery fabric because that was a fraying nightmare.

To transfer marking points from a template to fabric poke some guide holes.

You can use a thick pin or small nail.

You don't have to use a fancy antique awl like me but it's cool if you do.

Make guide holes. I used a pencil.

Then I connect the dots with disappearing ink.

Sewing softies became a lot easier when I found these long ass 'doll making' needles.

A random picture to note that I stocked up on my chapstick supply.

Two finished rabbits.

Ian 1 and Ian 2.

A Mothers Day gift and a birthday gift.

I don't plan my embellishment they generally pop up themselves near the end of a project.

Just happens.

My best advice for spontaneous embellishing is collect pretty things you love.

Happy weekend.

Let me know if my sewing tips were helpful and I'll note more again.


  1. Congrats to the Honourable Oliver! Clever Lad.
    Congrats to Clever Mummy for the adorable bunnies - the upholstery fabric looks just perfect for the job.Great sewing tips too - would pinking shears be any good to stop stuff from fraying?
    Happy Mother`s Day to you, Happy Mummy. xxx

  2. @Nana, pinking shears are great for cotton. I don't think the work well on really frayie stuff. Thanks for your compliments I always look forward to hearing from you my friend!

  3. Some very helpful tips, thankyou.

  4. oh, you're so good to share tips and take so many photos of your process!

    (i also use burts bees everything... 'cept, you know, one container at a time :P )