Sunday, February 13, 2011


February 13, 2011


Tomorrow I will have been knitting for two week.
I have been to see my teacher four times in that short span of time.
Fortunately she lives next door to the antique/yarn store and doesn't mind me ringer her up and popping in for a half hour or so.

I have cast on and blown out over ten times.
I haven't learned how to fix my errors which is a huge problem and why I visit my teacher so often.

Starts and stops.

One thing I've learned about knitting is that mistakes can't be embellished over.
It is very exacting.
Exacting and absolute pattern following is difficult for me.

A friend of my has some great tutorials for learning the basic techniques of knitting.
As soon as I can figure out how to link them I will.
They have been a life saver.

My favorite part of knitting is buying yarn.

My first project is a scarf for Freya.

Friday Chelsea came over and we finished up our banners.

A friend asked where I found the paper doilies and old sheet music.
The doilies can be found at any craft store in the cake decorating aisle.
Old Sheet music can be found at antique stores.
Cheers to a new week.


  1. Loving that scarf - the colours are so pretty - well done you and keep it up - you`re doing a great job!Loving your banners also. x

  2. Hej Camille

    LOVE the scarf and the milky colour ways...
    Your knitting looks like it is coming on leaps and bounds...
    Our kitchens are v.similiar except you have that lovely wall full of those beautiful plates... ;-)
    Can you mail be your address again please.
    Tack sa mycket
    Happy February days filled with all the things and people you LOVE

  3. hi camille! i'm so glad to see that you are knitting. you are coming along so fast. i've been trying to learn to knit since last may and have only recently finished some wearable items. i think it is so much fun that i signed up for a beginner's sock knitting class. i can't wait. i'll let you know how it goes. please keep us updated on your knitting adventures!

  4. the scarf colours are lovely! i think you're doing just fine my dear... your purls are just so pretty and even. keep going, don't give up!

    and to be honest, i feel the same as you with following directions exactly. i think it's a rebellious thing deep inside me, like, don't tell me what to do!!! (even though it would go so much better if i just followed the darn directions and got something that resembled what i meant to make! hah...the creative spirit never dies, and is sometimes a hindrance to the whole process too!)...

    i think a yarn and antique store in close proximity would be very dangerous place for me. and my wallet :)

    and if you thought your fabric stash was big, just watch how the yarn will start to grow! hehe. enjoy!!!

  5. You've inspired me to make a St. Patricks Day banner! Would you mind if I linked back to your site? Have a wonderful day!