Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knitting 101

February 2. 2011

Knitting 101

I had my first knitting class this morning.
First, I love my teacher.
Second, I love yarn.
Third, I really want to learn to knit.
Fourth, it's hard.....
it's hard to learn how to work your hands and fingers in a new way.

Doesn't my basket of yarn look like I'm a knitter?

I picked this variegated black, grey, white yarn for my first project I'm learning. A scarf.

My awesome teacher worked with me for two hours.
From noon until 5:30 I practiced.

I casted on nine times and tried a row or two of knitting.
It was googly knitting every time and very frustrating.
I couldn't get my tension right.
Instead of unraveling every time I cut the googly knit off and started again.

After hours of practice I'm beginning to get the hang of it.
I like knitting.
(Two days left on my giveaway).


  1. how fun !!! so glad to see you are taking up knitting ! welcome to the club... have you signed up at ravelry yet? just watch out it can become very addictive :)

  2. i can definitely see your scarf taking shape. good luck on your knitting adventure! i'm sure you'll be whipping out yarn-y things in no time.

    i'm also excited about learning to knit. it makes me feel clumsy, though. i just cast off my very first ribbed scarf tonight. once i weave in the ends i'll put it on my blog. it's for my husband.

  3. Aw...that is so sweet! We`ve all got to start somewhere and looks like you`re giving it a good try. Those lovely knitting needles look fiddly though - I would try longer and bigger and perhaps some chunkier yarn, just for practising on - quicker results always give you more encouragement. Keep going, you`re doing a great job and I love the colours you`re using. Have you heard of `` - head over there for some amazing inspiration.

  4. camille! congratulations!! your knitting looks great already. i'm so happy you've taken it up, it is so rewarding (once you get past the first little bit, but it sounds like you're getting by just fine!).... yay!