Monday, February 28, 2011

Catch Up

February 28, 2011

Catch Up

I don't like it when I get behind on my blog.
In my defense I did post last week, I just mistakenly posted it here

The last week was both very busy and very lazy.

But very first, I am so proud of Oliver.
He is Student of the Month for February.
On February 23 we celebrated Oliver and his fellow Students of the Month at a breakfast in his school library.
The breakfast was at at 7:15 am and we all woke at 6:30 to get ready.
Freya said it felt like we were going on vacation because that's the only time we get up early.

Behind Oliver is the school principle Mrs. Logan.

I've been knitting more triangles.
I still need to learn a few basics such as purling.... a big one I know.
I'd like to share the tutorials my friend made that taught me to knit.
Very easy casting on!

I'm also sewing a hand bag.
It started with a doily sewn to a feed bag ...

and is finished like this.
I'm still working out the lining and bag shape.
I want to gather it at the top. (Maybe).

My friend Joan (from my new favorite antique store) recently purchased three antique samplers at an estate sale.
One of them sold for $800 dollars.
The other two are not in great condition.
Joan remember how much I love samplers and sold me the pair for $3.
What should I make?

Besides sewing projects, I've been spring cleaning.

These suitcase once houses packing labels downstairs.
I though they would be put to better used holding vintage linens, ribbons doilies and such.

I promise to be a better blogger this week!

P.S. We found a great BBC sitcom recently.
It's super hilarious and streamable on Netflix.
It's called The IT Crowd.
For a good time check it out


  1. Hej Camille

    CONGRATULATIONS to your son on his must be v.proud...and so must here be;-)
    The bunting looks so sweeet ;-)
    THE it! You are so creative
    THE WHITE SUITCASES!!!!! Soo nice they need to be permanently on display, with all your beautiful linens as you say.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Knit 1 Purl 1 HEHEHE!
    Back Homee in London on Thursday...will be checking out for the coffee mugs...have you found any that you like or have seen on-line?
    Also the other package...I would like to post to you CAMILLE!!! PLEASE CAN I HAVE YOUR ADDRESS AGAIN!!!! THANK YOU
    Email me it please, so I can post it from LONDON

  2. really like the: 'love' with lace trim!
    ribbon, doily collection!
    hope you got my email & have a great day !

  3. Well done Oliver - clever lad - isn`t it lovely to be proud of your kids?
    I wondered what you were doing over at `Vintage Swap` - you just kind of appeared from nowhere!Not much action over there!
    I absolutely love your bag - how ingenious of you to use the doilies like that - and I love your suitcases and samplers - can`t wait to see what you`ll make with them.
    Purling is just like knitting, only backwards!
    Have a great week, Camille. x