Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lighting Obsession

January 24, 2010

Lighting Obsession

It was spring like today and the chickens have backyard baseball on their mind.

Late afternoon sun in my room and the daylight stays longer.

I have been hand binding my cafe curtains.

One hundred and eighty eight inches down.
One hundred and thirty inches to go.

I think I have mentioned my obsession with novelty lamps.
I collect lamps like some women collect shoes.
Actually I only own five pair of shoes.
Chris is the shoe fiend in our family.
I won't tell how many pairs he owns.

I spent many hours one night decoupaging this shade.

My dad and I have a 'crafternoon' day planned this Friday.
He is going to teach me how to rewire lamps.
And soon I hope to have two beautiful cafe curtains to share.

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  1. Your kids are going to grow up with fantastic memories. I include both the baseball and the lamps in this. I remember some of my moms cool stuff and just love it.