Thursday, August 27, 2009

Iron on Transferring

Iron-on Transferring

1. Draw your desired image on to a plain, white piece of paper.
2. If copying an image, tape image to a window and trace image on to a plain, white piece of paper.
3. Turn traced image over and tape to window (image will be backward).
4. Trace over the image with an iron-on transfer pencil. Trace over the image several times so that it transfers clearly on to your fabric. (Most of the transfer lines will be embroidered over. The rest will wash out with laundering). NOTE: Iron-on transfer pencils are available at Wal-Mart in the Craft/Sew section. They are also available at hobby, craft, or quilting shops.
5. Cut out image in the shape of a square.
6. Place image face-down on fabric. Press iron on image for 10 seconds, using high heat. Be careful not to scorch the fabric.
7. Peek under a corner of the paper to see if image has transferred clearly. If not, press for 10 more seconds. NOTE: If you do not get a clear image transferred on to the fabric, you may not have traced the image enough.

Now you are ready to embroider!
Yay, my favorite part!!!
Handwork and Flight of the Conchords go great together.

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