Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25 of August 2009

Dyeing onesies black.

You can not buy black onesies. I think black onesies on a baby boys is very sweet.
To dye a pack of onsies black:
1. Mix equal parts water and white vinegar with black dye in a large pot.
2. Lay each onesie flat into the pot. Make sure each onesie is fully immersed.
3. Soak over night.
4. Rinse, wring and sunshine dry.
5. Run the onesies through the washer 4 or 5 times. Or until all excess dye is washed out.
6. Tumble or sunshine dry.
We are ready to embellish our black onesies.


  1. I always looked for black onesies for my little guys. Wish I had you as a creative buddy back then!

  2. why is that? i've always wondered. maybe it's not a typical "baby" colour. i only ever see them around halloween. thanks for the tips, do you soak it in hot water in step 1? or does that depend on the dye instructions maybe?

    thanks for joining in camille! i hope you'll drop by again :)