Saturday, August 29, 2009

Harry Potter trivia night.

Star. My Dad Rocks.

Update: My instructions for dyeing onesies is wrong. Please do not use it. Next time I will follow the instruction on the box. I'll let you know how that goes.

I got the embroidery right however. Oh how I love handwork . Handwork and Netflix go hand in hand.
Ok then, this is the how I finished these onesies up.

I transferred my pattern on to an old pair of Oliver's jeans. Then I ripped the denim to the size I wanted it to be on the onesie. Note: To rip fabric cut 3/4 of an inch into the fabric on the line you measured your square or rectangle to be. Then just rip the fabric. Most of the time you will get a straight line.

  1. Sew pattern using a back stitch. I used white, black and yellow embroidery floss . Black, white and the primary colors will show up the best on dark fabrics.

  2. After you have embroidered the pattern place the denim in the middle of the onesies. Pin it to onesies on the four sides. Use a simple running stitch to sew the denim to the onesie.

  3. Launder the onesies again to wash out any transfer lines that may be showing.

Milk and Rock 'n Roll

Making and giving handmade gifts is so important to my family and I.
It makes it even better when I can repurpose something I already have in the home rather then running out and buying something new. Like the denim I used for the onesies from Oliver's old pants. Things slow down a bit when I'm not out and about to the stores looking for a gift. Even better is that a wonderful baby boy gets a gift that is one of kind.

To baby with love.
I wrapped the gift with brown craft paper, used string, lace and 'rippy' fabric for the "bow". In my paper stashes I found a vintage Stork Bingo game. I thought a vintage Bingo card would add a bit of interest to the present.

This was a great two day two and a half hour project .

We played an intense Harry Potter: Scene It game before bed .

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