Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4, 2011

More Disneyland!


  1. FABULOUS pics - I almost want to go there....almost!!You all look like it was a blast. Cruella looks like one of my friends, when he`s in drag and the Queen of Tarts is a dead ringer for my boss who`s a drag at the best of times!Have a great weekend, my friend.x

  2. That's where you've been! You must post more often :)

  3. oh wow! so great to see everyone so happy. i'm laughing at nana's comments above lol

    hope you've been well. i came across your card today and realized it's been ages since i've dropped you a line. so here i am doing that, and i also put your card up in my craft area. i see it everytime i walk in.

    have a beautiful, restful weekend!