Monday, March 14, 2011

Somethings Seem Springy

March 14, 2011

Somethings Seem Springy

Spring banners are springy.
If you would like one leave a comment on this post listing five albums you really like.
I know at least twenty people read my blog so I expect to give away twenty banners.

I need to get over the fact that my voice is baby girlish and post a video of banner making.
It is ridiculously easy and fast.
That's why I can sew up thirty in a weekend.

Bubbles are springy and we go through gallons throughout the warmer months.

Oliver's Birthday is springy.
He turned 13 on March 12.
His mates from school came over for sandwiches and then we went to the Nicklecade.
I laughed all afternoon at the things young teenagers say and think about.
Like "If he teases you again "word up" all in his face"
I asked them if bullying is as predominate as the media makes it out to be and they all said no.
Also they said everybody gets made fun of, it's how you choose to react to it that matters.
"Ya have to through back the heat dude!"

Yesterday we celebrated Oliver's birthday with family at my parents house.
The girls love to pile on Oliver and he loves it too.

Laney, she has an iron will.

Katie and my mama.

My mama knitting.

Cheeky Danny.

Chris made yummy taco soup for everyone and baked a cake.
I'm happy he enjoys cooking.
I don't enjoy it at all.
I don't like touching food I was a waitress for a day.
You have to touch a lot of eaten food to be a waitress.

Chris doesn't like to dig in the dirt and I love dirt.
It's a good trade off.
Actually I love all physical labor.
Chris hates being sweaty and getting his hands dirty.

My mama tells the story of Little Red Ridding Hood.

My family is great and I love them in two hour doses once a week.


  1. Camille - those banners are really cute! I'm drawing a blank for whole albums I like - since iTunes, I really just grab single songs here and there... But hope you get some good ideas! It's been a while, I've enjoyed catching up via your blog, and seeing how your taste and style have evolved.

  2. What a lovely day you all had - your Mama looks like an uber-cool Grandma and the girlies all look so cosy under their `storytime` quilt.Was that an `Arsenal` shirt I saw your hubby wearing?
    Ok - my five albums are:
    1.Crazy Love - Michael Buble
    2.Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison
    3.Sunny Side Up - Paolo Nutini
    4.Court and Spark - Joni Mitchell
    5.Dixie Chicks - Home

    Have a good week, Camille. x

  3. 5 albums?!
    k. i'm going to try.
    -Footloose Soundtrack--never gets old.
    -Bodyguard Soundtrack--again, just can't let go
    -Bon Iver--For Emma, Forever Ago
    -Ben Folds--Rockin' the Suburbs
    -David Wax Museum--Carpenter Bird (this is a new favorite, but I believe it will stand the test of time.

  4. Love that your mama has black(?) nail polish!
    As for albums, here are 5 great ones.
    You have great taste in music and if you get the time and you've never heard these guys, check them out. You might find a new favorite :)

    1. Bob Dylan, Blonde on Blonde
    2. Brand New, Sic Transit Gloria
    3. Over the Rhine, Ohio (if you don't know them, you're missing out)
    4. Ray LaMontagne, Gossip in the Grain
    5. Tally Hall, Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

  5. Hi Camille

    So fun--love the springiness! And do your tutorial! Some of my favorite people have little girl voices--one's a rockin librarian/activist and another is a writer. So go for it! And here are 5 of my favorites (some old, some newer):
    1. Magnetic Fields : 69 Love Songs
    2. Tift Merritt--Another Country
    3. Belle & Sebastian--The Boy with the Arab Strap
    4. U2-War
    5. Will Oldham-- Viva Last Blues

  6. Saw the fb message, so I'll give it a shot. Here's a few songs on my favs list right now:

    1 - Rhythm of Love, Plain White t's
    2 - Secrets, One Republic
    3 - Lucky, the Glee version
    4 - Chances Are, Country Strong Soundtrack
    5 - Anchor, Mindy Gledhill

    Nothing super exciting, but it'd be fun to get a banner... :)

    Anyways, yes, we should totally get together, and yes, I write a blog: lamunyonjourneys {dot} blogspot {dot} com

  7. I Love the spring banners they are so cute !
    Ok here we go !

    Mind Games - John Lennon
    Twilight Soundtrack
    Johnny Cash-Greatest Hits
    Romeo & Juliet soundtrack
    Metallica - s&m with the San Francisco Symphony

  8. Camille - your mom ROCKS. black nail polish and halloweenish jammie pants. OMG!

    Let's see - 5 albums

    Styx - Pieces of Eight
    Kiss - (really it was my brothers)
    John Lennon - Double Fantasy
    Shaun Cassidy - Greatest Hits

    :) Thanks Camille - I would love one of your banners.

  9. Camille- I loved this post! The trellis in your garden is lovely and the spring banners you made are simply mahvelous! :)

    Hmmmm....5 albums? Here are some of my favorite at the's quite an eclectic blend...
    - Sarah Bareilles- Little Voice
    - Iron and Wine- Our Endless Numbered Days
    - The Smiths- The Sounds of The Smiths
    - Bruno Mars - doo - wops & hooligans
    - Justin Bieber - My World (don't's catchy!!!)

  10. alrighty then!

    fav five:

    Weezer - The Blue Album
    U2 - Rattle and Hum
    Garden State Soundtrack
    Heart - Greatest Hits/Live
    Metric - Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? !!!
    much love lovely lady!

  11. I just found your blog from Design Gal so I hope it's okay if I can comment....

    Your blog is really cute and you are so creative! I love the spring banners that you make. I would love one or to learn how to make one.

    My top 5 albums are:
    ABBA-ABBA (I love that someone else loves them too)
    Mae- The Everglow
    High School Musical soundtracks (all of them, huge cheesy fan!)
    The Format-Dog Problems
    Jimmy Eat World- Futures

    it's hard just to choose 5 but I think that's a good mix

    I'm excited to be a follower of your blog now!

  12. Hej Camille

    Looks like you had a wonderful day...
    Happy Birthday to your son.
    My daughter was 20!!! 2 weeks ago...
    Your Mum is so young and trendy and such a lovely photo of all the children gathered round her for story time snuggled in their cosy camp. I just love it! What a lovely loving family you are ;-).
    OK favourite albums...
    I am afraid my albums are very OLD
    but here goes my fav. 5

    KATIE MELUA Call Off The Search
    CORRINE BAILEY RAE Corrine Bailey Rae
    NORAH JONES Come Away With Me
    AMY WINEHOUSE Back to Black
    And I had to have a male vocalist amongst the women
    CURTIS STEIGERS Baby Plays Around

    What a lovely generous person you are...
    The Springy bunting looks wonderful

  13. Hi Camille,
    I just found your blog as well, and I would LOVE one of the gorgeous little banners. Top five albums in no particular order:
    1. August and Everything After- Counting Crows
    2. Good Dog, Bad Dog- Over the Rhine
    3. Barton Hollow- The Civil Wars
    4.OK Computer- Radiohead
    5. Birds of my Neighborhood- The Innocence Mission.

    Thank you!!