Thursday, January 27, 2011

Out Of The Desert

January 27, 2011

Out Of The Desert

Not to be over dramatic but I feel as if I have been wandering through the desert for weeks.
When I'm not creating I don't feel alive.

Freya's been full of creativity.
We worked on these craft stick puppets today.
Her drawings get better and better.

Also I whipped up two skirts for her.
They are simple but it felt good to feel fabric and hear the hum of my sewing machine.

The argyle fabric was a gift from my friend Julie.
I've known Julie since the 6th grade and we have recently renewed our friendship.
Our goal is to meet up every other month.
Julie is wise and I am grateful to have her in my life again.

Freya checking out the twirlyness of her skirt.
Very important.

I sewed Freya a Valentiny skirt too.
I added three layers of lace to make the bottom look like frosting.

Although wrist cuffs are everywhere these days I still love making them.
I have so many bits and bobbles that are perfect for cuffs.

Lastly, a new antique store opened a block away from my house.
It's full of linens, buttons, ephemeral, feed sacks, dollies, ribbons, velvets and such.
Basically everything I love and collect.

It's inspired me greatly and I picked up a few small pieces yesterday.

A French tin.

French tin full of buttons.

Oh yes, I love buttons.
Most of them were a dollar.
The white and pink flower piece is a belt adornment.
It will make a great cuff.

Cherub buttons.

I think the keys will look awesome on a cuff too.
I'm glad to be back to my blog.
I've missed it.


  1. the pom-pom, crochet lace & eyelet trim on the hem of the skirt is very clever !

  2. camille--this is all so beautiful! love the valentines skirt! i might try to make one for jane! and your cuffs--AMAZING!!! and those die for! have fun crafting--i too have been in a fog this january. need to get crafting!

  3. It is wonderful to "see" you again! Those skirts are great and all those buttons, oh my! Have a blessed weekend.