Saturday, January 29, 2011

Best Day Ever

January 29, 2011

Best Day Ever

Today we had a binky party for Freya and Teah.
(Freya is 6 and 1/2 that's way too long to have a binky but that's neither here nor there).
(Teah will be four in May).

The party has been planned for two weeks.
So Freya and Teah were prepared.

I bought balloons to send the binky's into space.

Lots of balloons.

Chris made chicken salad served on costco croissants.
Kate and my mom brought fancy, fancy cupcakes from a new shop in Salt Lake (So Cupcake)

Today I fell in love with fancy, fancy cupcakes.

After cup cakes and chicken salad we sent
the binky's into space .

There was lots of cheering, screaming and merriment.
There has been no anxiety nor mention of binky's tonight.
Binky's are happily in space.

Also I finished a cuff.

Freya wants to share the photo's she took and uploaded (with help).
She's a smart and good girl.

It was a very good day.


  1. Hej Camille

    Looks like you all had a wonderful day...
    The brightly coloured balloons, and the seriously look delicious cupcakes!
    I LOVE all your photo's.
    Can you please explain one thing to me though please? What is a binky?

    P.S. I go to London on Monday...something will be in the post to you from there...keep any eye out for a small package. Julie

  2. Hi Julie, another name for binky is a pacifier or a dummy. It's a rubber nipple for babies to suck on.

  3. what a bright, colourful and beautiful day. thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. What a great idea to break the kids of their binky's! That is a worthy cause for those special cupcakes! Did you have a red velvet for me???

  5. LOL! My boys put their's under the Christmas Tree for Tinkerbell to give to Santa,,,my youngest was 3 and my eldest was 5 and 3 months but my youngest had a milky bottle or a cup ot tea bottle everynight when he went to bed...until he was almost 7!!! whoops but it was harmless nobody saw him and it was comfort...but these things are a hard habbit to break.
    I hope Freya is getting on okay without her binky!