Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kitchen Cleansing

July 22, 2010

Kitchen Cleansing

Have you ever cleaned and rearranged an entire room because of one new piece?
That's what I did today.
Now my new sewing chest has a fresh and clean home.

My kitchen is also my sewing space so I am always on the look out for clever and pretty storage.
Now all my sewing notions are in one place instead of all over the place.

I made a shelf for the top of my hutch with wood from my garage.
Until today I used books to raise the stuff I put on top of it.

It was so fast and simple to do.
It really uncluttered the top of the hutch.
I should have done it forever ago.

(The new sewing chest is going on top of the hutch and I should have a photo of that now but it's later).
Oh yes, my cleaning story.
I try to rotate my dishes once in awhile.
I have collected so many over the years and I want to be able to see and use them.
(I didn't plan to do this today but I had to make room for the sewing chest.)

I have to deconstruct to construct.
Which translates to a big pulled apart mess.
It drives Chris crazy but he doesn't have to help me clean so he doesn't say anything, anymore.

It was a fun afternoon playing with my dishes and freshening the cabinets and hutches.
Just a few of my favorite dishes.

The more crazed the plate is the better.

I love the beautiful faded colors of this scene.

I love ironstone.
It was inexpensive and easy to find when I started collecting 15 years ago.
My dish collecting has slowed down over the years.
I have edited my colors to white, cream, pink, red and light blue and I don't buy a piece unless I love it and it has a home.
This makes moving everything around really easy.
Everything goes well with everything.

I add little surprises, like a little plate hung in the back of the cabinet, to keep it from looking to matchy and boring.

Can you tell by the fading light that it took me all day to clean and rearrange my kitchen?
(And the whole family's patience).

The cleaning supplies just coincidentally conform to the color code.

I was hesitant to use one of my brand new linen baskets under the sink to hold sponges and sos pads, but I made them to use as I would a wicker basket.
It's a nice surprise under the sink and it's washable!

I whipped up two pink baskets Tuesday.
The pink linen is too fancy to go under the sink.
I'm sure I can find somewhere to use them.


  1. so many pretty things to look at here. too funny about the cleaning supplies conforming to the colour code... which is very soothing, by the way. the details are so victorian, but the colours are so bright and airy.

    (and i did come back to see if you'd filled your sewing chest yet... perfect!)

  2. Oh Camille, the colors are all so very good! I love...

    I know you mentioned before the book you made the linen baskets from, I may have to look into that, similar baskets have been on my making list for a long time.

    I didn't comment on your giveaway post, (didn't seem like it would be fair), so I haven't yet told you how wonderful your first quilt is!!

    An entire day spent organizing in the kitchen really does sound pretty enjoyable to me :)

  3. Your sewing chest is so sweet, I could really do with one of those for my office! I love all the lovely treasures you have displayed in your kitchen and I love ironstone and crazing too!

  4. Oh, all looks wonderful! I really like your linen baskets.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  5. Everything looks so pretty!