Sunday, February 14, 2010

Godfather ll, Lots Of Home Cooking And Sewing

February 15, 2010

Godfather II, Lots Of Home Cooking And Sewing

This blog covers this weekends activities.
I usually don't write about past days but I am making an exception because Chris has been cooking and cooking.
It has been nice sharing the kitchen with Chris, he cooking and me sewing.

I finished this 'Paul' last night while watching The Godfather II.
The target on his belly is not a reflection of the movie.
It was decided upon before we chose to watch the Godfather II.

Once a year we watch the Godfather trilogy sans #3.
So I guess we really don't watch the trilogy.
There is something disappointing about watching an aged Al Pacino with veneers on his teeth after watching a young, very beautiful Al Pacino with real people teeth.

Yesterday Chris made taco soup.
It is delicious and delightful.
You can find the recipe here

While Chris cooked I work on another pair of ruffled pants for Freya.
At first I loved the jumbo ric rac.
Honestly have you seen ric rac larger than this?

Now that the ruffles are being sew onto the pants, I find it overwhelming and really circus-y.
Freya likes them a bunch.
Thats what matters.

I wanted to show what a slow sewer I am.
I need to draw the .5 inch seam allowance other wise my stitch line goes every where.

I also over pin.
I would rather take the extra time prepping than have to unpick.

I finish this 'Paul' Saturday night.

The teeth are made of one million french knots. (my favorite stitch)

Oliver and Freya played 'Star Wars' outside.
Freya got stuck with using the red light saber, which the evil guys use, so she was upset.

She didn't want to have her photo taken.

Chris tried a new soup recipe Saturday.
It was also very delicious and delightful.

For dessert he made cookie cake.

These are a few of the project cards included in the 'Sew Easy' book I am giving away.
There are still two days to enter.
Thanks for reading my jumbled blog.
Some days it takes too much effort to put my thoughts in any sort of order and if I try
to I get discourage and decide to not write at all.

Cheers to a new week!


  1. Camille, that is so much goodness in one place. I love those pants, they are going to be be adorable.
    Both of your soups look so yummy, and it looks like it has been a very productive past few days.
    Happy Monday

  2. I heart Paul!! The ruffle pants pattern is sold out :(

  3. I love this post! I think it is almost better to have ideas out of order - more interesting! I love that your husband cooks so much as my husband is also the main chef at our house. Looks like a good cozy weekend. Thanks for sharing.