Sunday, February 21, 2010


February 21, 2010


This Portabellopixie dress was the most disappointing garment I have ever made.
There is a very huge cloud of cuss words hovering above my house.
Really bad cuss words.
I have three days and forty five dollars (including pattern) invested in it so I finished it.
I thought twice about ripping it up but in the past when I have done that I have deeply regretted it later.

The back of the dress doesn't look so bad especially with all the buttons it needed.
Buttons and zippers scare me and I still have not attempted to sew a garment that requires a zipper.

The front with its stupid curling yoke.

It can possibly be fixed with a few buttons sewn on.

Silly instructions.

I love this material but it wrinkles very easily and will need pressing before it is worn.
That is a very bad thing for a child's garment.

The best part of this dress is how neatly I cover the ends of the yoke.

The yoke looks very tidy with a bit of pink velvet ribbon sewn to the ends.

A photo of how the dress should have looked.

I will sew this dress next.
I love the Peter Pan collar and it is an Oliver = s pattern.
I have mentioned before how much I love Oliver + S.

Happily I finished another Paul that I am quite fond of.


  1. I really hate when a pattern comes out so differently than what it is supposed to. I hope that this second project turns out much better

  2. Play date or sewing date? At first I didn't recognize the first pattern, a friend of mine has made another variation of it though.
    Love the next dress pattern! Can't wait to see what you make.

  3. oh that is annoying, but dang, it is cute!
    you really are talented!
    i like oliver + s, too.