Saturday, January 14, 2012

Green Brick

January 14, 2012

Green Brick

We took a holiday after the holidays.
We spent three days in Eureka UT, starting on the 26th.
We geocached, took long drives, and did nothing, as a family. (I knitted)!

Photo's from the long drives;



I'm fascinated with the grade school in Eureka.

The brick is green and lime and tan and pinkish.

I want a home built out of this brick.

The school was built in the early 1920's.

The Art-Deco architecture adds to my fancy.

Long shadows.

The school will be torn down soon.

Nobody in Eureka knows when. I asked around.

The school is full of asbestos.

I took this photo through the window.

The chalk board, built-in -cabinets and the molding need to be salvaged.

There are also some awesome lighting fixtures but I deleted the photos. (Dumb).

I really wanted to explorer inside but that would have been 'trespassing' and Chris wouldn't let me.

He said it would be a bad example to Oliver and Freya.



  1. If you smother your brickwork with yoghurt then let it dry, you'll get the same effect!!!Great to 'see' you again, Camille and great pics too....and the knitting??

  2. You should ask the city when it's getting torn down and ask if you can go salvage some bricks once it's down. Or do the bricks contain asbestos too? Beautiful building! A chalk board would be cool too. Anyway..

  3. Camille, let's go down, sneak in, and get some of that molding and hardware! You know they're just going to tear it down!


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