Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Music, Yarn, Sewing and Damnation

June 29, 2011

Music, Yarn, Sewing and Damnation

Remember when I wrote that I wanted to blog four times a week?

That's not happening. My summer is shaping up to be very, very lazy.

Lazy is good. I want to relax and play with Oliver and Freya, my grandma Billie and my sister.

I want to spend a lot of time reading with Oliver, sitting in the cool movie theater, knitting with my friends and visiting with my neighbors.

I haven't posted my music rotation lately but these albums spinning frequently.

From left to right and top to bottom,

the White Stripes
The Best of Buffalo Springfield: Retrospective
Loretta Lynn: Van Lear Rose (A+ album produced by Jack White and the predecessor for the band The Raconteurs.)
Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bad
Beck: Modern Guilt
The Doors: The Doors

My knitting skills definitely don't justify the amount of yarn I buy but I love yarn and I love supporting my friend Penny's yarn/antique store.
I'm planning to knit my sis Katie a long pair of long leg warmers as soon as I finish up a few pair of leg warmers I have started.

(I've already spent my allowance for July.)

Maybe some fingerless gloves with this variegated gray, white, cream, black yarn.

I love variegated yarn.

For me knitting with the same color over and over gets boring.

I'll need to get over that if I ever want to make a beautiful sweater or a nice pair of socks.

A pair of little leg warmers I'm nearly finished with

(Three more other halves to go.)

I find knitting really hard and hand work usually comes naturally to me but I'm determined to keep with it.

I really want to love knitting.

Right now my favorite part of knitting is the women in my knit circle.

We meet Thursday's and Saturday's and I have a wonderful time listening and participating in the conversations.

The interaction with these wise women is why I will not give up on knitting. (I'll knit leg warmers forever just to spend time with them.)

I worked on a commissioned piece today.

A sweet neighbor asked me to sew a smock for a birthday gift.

Yes! Yes!


For the second time this year I shopped at Walmart.

Freya asked for a new bike for her birthday.

Walmart carries a selection of bikes unlike a few other places I looked.

My almost 7 baby girl.

Further damnation, I flipped through a tabloid and actually bought it.

Because of this darling sweater.

I'm excited to embellish a few of Freya's cardigans with these rosettes.



  1. If things get any worse in this country, we`ll all be shopping at Walmart (Asda here) but nothing wrong with that if it`s saving the pennies!I hope the Fabulous Freya will also get a shiny new helmet to wear on her pretty bicycle (sorry, that`s just the over-protective Mother/Nana talking!).Well done you on the commission - it looks so very pretty. I wish I could join your `Ladies Who Knit` days - and you`re knitting`s really coming along. Love the colours on the legwarmers. Have a great weekend my friend.x

  2. oooooh i love that sweater!! i want one in adult size