Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mad Elf

December 9, 2010

Mad Elf

I apologise for not posting lately.
All of my free time has been spent creating.
My project ideas are coming so quickly and the execution is coming together as imagined.
I've had an awesome few weeks of sewing.
It helps immensely that I was organized and planned early.
It really, really helps that Chris lets me leave my sewing stuff everywhere and loves to cook!
(Thank you sweetheart).

This is a lawn cloth I'm working on.
It's part of the tea party basket I'm putting together.

The fabric I used is from Moda's Bliss Collection by Bonnie and Camille!

The backing is Indian linen I picked up at a yard sale this summer.

I sewed the batting to the quilt top as I put it together.
Using a half inch seam and ironing it open made the quilt top very flat and thin.
I then tied the linen backing to the top with embroidery thread.
I want the quilt to fluff up like a machine or hand quilted quilt does with out all the sewing.
(It worked out fantastically on the modge podge quilt). (This sentence will make sense in a few sentences).

With the scraps left over from the lawn cloth I sewed six Log Cabin squares.
(I started with 12 fat quarters).

I intend to sew the squares to these awesome napkins.
I went to a local antique store specifically looking for linen napkins.
I was delighted to find these hand monogrammed napkins on sale for $8.00 (Reg. $12)

I decided to add a bit of funk to them.
They are going to a young girl who definitely appreciates funky things.

I am very happy with the way my modge podge quilt of green, blues, purples and polka dots turned out.
I used only what I had on hand.

The backing is the Shabby Chic fabric I thrifted awhile back.
It is cozy soft and will be hard to part with.

It is going to make a special someone very happy!
The quilt fluffed up nicely with washing.)
Here and there loads of other thing happen.
For example, Oliver had his first ever babysitting job.

Kai and Teah came over while my sis did some errands.
Time passes quickly when everyone likes to read.

Teah and Kai were both interested in the sock monkeys I made for Christmas 2003 gifts.
Kids either love them or terrified by them like Oliver was when he opened it Christmas morning.
This is my bedroom window view.
Eleven days ago there was eleven inches of snow on the ground.
I'm ready for new snow!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hej Camille
    You certainly have been a 'Mad Elf' all these beautiful things you have been crafting...
    You are so talented.
    I will be a mad something today, finishing off painting kitchen bag is not even packed yet, NO Christmas shopping done yet...sigh...
    Thank you for the link and view of your window, I'll add to the Mr Linky and put the photo's up. You did have a lot a lot of snow...we need it snow again here might warm up a bit then, it has been soo cold -27!!!!
    Happy December Days...

  2. wow, camille, you really have been a mad elf! i love getting a peek at the things you've made. please please share more! i'd love to see the tea party basket.

    your quilts are amazing. great fabric choices! your loved ones are going to have very happy holidays indeed.

    ps thank you for the package! i found it perched on my windowsill in all of its comic-wrapped cheerfulness. such a good surprise. it looked so pretty beneath my tree, too, but i couldn't wait. thank you for the fun vintage tin! it is perfect for storing secret little treasures. :)

  3. lawn cloth & log cabin squares are lovely !

  4. camille, you do amazing things with fabric, you really are an artist. i just love the way you put different fabrics together.

    and those little ones are so precious.

    i admire your organization, you are such a talented and industrious elf!

  5. Thank you ladies.
    It makes it easy to share my work with you because you are so nice!